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      Xuzhou Baoxing Co., Ltd. is a corporation that specialised in research, development, production and sale of medical hight-frequency surgical equipment and medical imaging workstations. The main products includes microwave therapy instrument, anorectal examination and treatment instrument, arteriosclerosis detection system, digital electronic colposcopy, sperm quality analysis system, etc. We have strong technical strength with microwave therapy apparatus, Welcome to inquire and discuss cooperation!  TEL: 400-651-6919

       Bao Xing Xuzhou Medical Equipment Co., Ltd. is located in Xuzhou High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Jiangsu Province. The registered capital is 10 million RMB. It is specialized in developing, producing and selling medical high frequency operation equipment and medical imaging workstation. We have a strong technical strength with anorectal examination and treatment instrument. We have gathered a group of technical experts who have engaged in develpment and production for a long term and they have advanced level of technology and rich practical experiences. With the endeavor and attempt of all staff for many years, we have achieved a dramaticl developement on the production and operation, and we acquired ISO9001:2000, ISO 13485:2003 medical equipment quality management system certification, and CMD product quality certification during this time. Bao Xing sperm quality analysis system now has a complete set of production line and a sophisticated detection equipment with a stable and reliable capacity to mass-producing medical electronic equipment. The products with advanced detection equipments are excellent in quality, safety and reliability. Especially the WB-3100 series which are applicable to general surgery, anorectal, urology, obstetrics and gynecology, otolaryngology, dermatology, digestive department, physiotherapy department and other departments. Our products are favored by the majority of users..


      The department of our arteriosclerosis detection system has a high-quality professional team that support our product development and production. Besides, we have also set up sales offices throughout the country, and set up after-sales service station to help users to answer and solve questions during product operation. With trust and support from our customers, the sales performance of our company are increasing every year. We will also present the best quality of the product and constantly devote ourselves to improve the after-sales service system in order to repay consumers’ trust and support.

We solemnly promise to all users : we will devote our advanced technology, high-quality products, preferential prices and satisfactory services to our customers.

The business idea of us is : for a better tomorrow.


Organisational culture:

Money tempt people, while career assemble talents.

We believe the most important wealth of an organisation are well trained employees. Therefore, put priority that let every employee receive suffient training, and make sure everyone have a positive attitude.

There's only perfect team rather than perfect individual.Building a efficient team with a strong technology, discipline, endurance is the fundamental to enterprise’s survival and development

The purpose of founding Baoxing company is to manufacture high quality and economic medical products in high and mid end, which help us to enhance the status of the industry, highlight the company's dignity.


Service commitment

We have perfect pre-sale, sale, after-sales service system:

1 year warrent for equipment failure caused by non-human factors; Lifelong maintenance;

Products that exceed the warranty period are charged at the cost of the parts

Pre-sale services: Clearly understand users’ needs, provide good technical advice to help users choose the right product.

Sales services: Further clarify the needs of users to ensure that products and services to meet user needs, timely provision of products, as well as product installation, commissioning, operation and other training services.

      After-sales service: understand the user's service needs through a timely visit;  carry out customer satisfaction survey, sincerely listen to users’ complaints, conscientiously fulfill the service commitments, implement a sound after-sales service system.

Add:Xuzhou High - tech Industrial Development Zone, the third industrial park north longitudinal three middle east
Tel:+86-0516-85619889 Fax:0516-85610698、61889880

All rights reserved:Microwave treatment instrument | Anorectal examina Technical Support:Qingfeng Technology ICP 11042540

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